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Welcome to Hickman Suspenders, we take our online shopping with higher safety measures these days since it is becoming the new way to shop.

We continue to add more secure SSL.

The main purpose of SSL certificates is to protect sensitive and confidential business information from being accessed or exploited by unauthorized authority. SSL Encryption ensures the security of your site when communicating with other systems, such as B2B communication or B2C communication. 

Enjoy shopping and have a great day!

Hickman Suspenders,are durable, American-made elastic and leather and super strong hardware that’s designed for extreme wear and tear. The 1.5-inch wide suspenders are thick enough to hold up even the heaviest of ranch hand attire, with elastic and stitching.

We carry Rugged Comfort suspenders in four colors - black, sage, desert brown and cactus green - so you can pick the pair that perfectly matches the rest of your Western attire. Each pair features a handsome buckle strap adjuster design and classic Y-back, leaving you with all the style and functionality you need, from the ranch to the dance floor and everywhere in between. Available in medium, large, XL and XXL,these impressively rugged Western galluses come in a size for anyone who takes fashion cues from the Old West.

Each style has 4 inches worth of adjustment on the front. So when shopping for your suspenders there will be a drop down button to choose the style end you prefer.

Thank you for your support!

What our customers are saying.

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Name: Bobbie Eaton
Date: 07/27/2014
Message: Bought my husband a pair of leather and the elastic suspenders in 2010 they are still going strong in everyday wear excellent purchase just bought another pair for change of color Thank you

Name: m. mitchell
Date: 06/14/2013
Message: I have been wearing your suspenders for almost 3 years. I love them. They work and they look nice. The quality in worksmanship is excellent.

Name: Paul in Carson City, NV
Date: 06/14/2013
Message: I saw a gentleman at Applebees wearing your suspenders and they looked so good that I asked him for information on how to get some. That was over 2 years ago, and I have been very happy with the product ever since. They are far superior to other types I have tried.

Name: Kenneth Cook
Date: 05/31/2013
Message: I've been looking long and hard for these kind of belt loop clips, I'm hopping they are least 3/4 as good as your other folks have said they are !

Name: chris parker
Date: 02/25/2013
Message: I had a pair going on two years. Good quality and I like buying american made products. All my old belts have gone into the trash bin

Name: rich bozzano
Date: 01/03/2013
Message: looking forward to my suspenders..great idea, the clips.

Name: Meghan Wooldridge and Dallas Loutzenhiser
Date: 12/13/2012
Message: We saw your booth at the NFR and purchased a pair of suspenders. We liked them so much, we had to order another set. Thank you for making such quality products!

Name: Mark Ketelsen,
Date: 11/08/2012
Message: Have worn suspenders with the scissor snaps for a couple years. Really like them. Need to buy a new pair, and send you the other ones to have the one shoulder replace, due to it stretching out.

Name: Lewis E. Bogan
Date: 09/10/2012
Message: Have been looking for this type for some time, glad I have found your site...

Name: "Mountain Bob"
Date: 06/26/2012
Message: I've been wearing my two pair of Hickman Suspenders (scissor-clip and belt-loop models) for 6 years now, for everything from church to motorcycle riding. The comfort is amazing, and these are Really Tough Suspenders. Thanks for your creativity and your dedication to making a truly high-quality, home-grown product! Bob


For custom orders please call us

3960 west 5th Ave B-3
Post Falls, ID 83854
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